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All marriages and dating relationships have difficult periods. Sometimes an argument is just an argument. However, when the police show up and arrest you on family violence charges, lives and reputations can be ruined, and your civil rights may be put in jeopardy. Obtaining immediate legal representation from a skilled Ellis County criminal defense attorney can help keep a bad situation from getting worse. At Robin McCarty, Attorney at Law, I put my experience as a former state prosecutor and former Texas Peace Officer to work on your criminal defense case.

Domestic violence, for the most part, shares many of the same aspects with a simple assault on any individual: injury, threats, or unwanted physical contact. In these cases, however, such action is considered domestic violence if the victim is currently or was previously in a romantic relationship with the defendant, or if the victim is a member of the defendant's family or household. These relationships can easily turn a misdemeanor into a felony.

With my first-hand knowledge of how the State handles misdemeanor and felony assault crimes, I can analyze a case of family violence from the prosecution’s point of view and develop strategies to effectively defend you against charges of:

  • Domestic Assault
  • Domestic Battery
  • Spousal Abuse
  • Assault Causes Bodily Injury — Family Violence
  • Aggravated Assault Causes Serious Bodily Injury — Family Violence
  • Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon — Family Violence

Skilled Tarrant County Domestic Violence Attorney

Tarrant County takes family violence very seriously. The district attorney’s office maintains a division dedicated exclusively to prosecuting domestic abuse cases. They have significant resources at their disposal. If you have been accused of domestic abuse, you need a Texas criminal defense lawyer who can stand up to such formidable opposition.

    I have handled countless family violence cases, both as a prosecutor and as a criminal defense lawyer. I know the county’s legal system, the people, and their tactics. I know how to approach victims to minimize testimony, such as highlighting instances where victims later denied or downplayed their accusations. When you are my client, I will use every resource at my disposal to your benefit.

    Taking Criminal Defense to a New Level

    As a former prosecutor in Tarrant County, I am an excellent lawyer to prevent you from being convicted of your family violence charge in Tarrant County. My relationship with the DA’s office and with the Judges results in your defense being taken seriously by the other side.

    I have been extremely successful in having family violence cases in Tarrant County completely dismissed. There are many paths towards a dismissal. Some involve an affidavit of non-prosecution from the complaining witness. Others will involve you possibly taking an anger management class while your case is pending. And others involve the relentless destruction of the complainant’s credibility and the exposure of the falsity of the family violence allegations against you. Whichever path your case calls for, know that I stand ready to fight for the reduction if not an outright dismissal of your Tarrant County domestic violence case.

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    If you face unfair accusations of domestic abuse, contact me today to schedule a free consultation. As an Ellis County criminal defense attorney, I recognize that clients may require legal services at other times than during standard business hours. As such, I make myself available evenings and weekends.

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