Arrested for Probation Violation?

Seek Relief with an Ellis County Criminal Defense Attorney

Sometimes people need more than just a second chance. If the State of Texas is trying to revoke your probation, you deserve an Ellis County criminal defense attorney who has handled hundreds of cases just like yours and who knows what to do to keep you from going to jail or prison.

Fighting to Keep You Free

When the State of Texas files a Motion to Revoke Probation (also called a Motion to Revoke Community Supervision) or a Motion to Adjudicate Guilt in a deferred adjudication case and your judge signs that motion, a warrant will issue for your arrest. You may or may not be entitled to bail, depending on your case. And provided you do bond out, you should know that by going on probation or deferred adjudication, you have waived several rights, including your right to a trial by jury.

If you hire me to represent you in your probation violation case, rest assured that I can personally deal with your probation officer and fight to get them to agree to allow you to remain on probation. If they do not agree, I will go over their heads to the DA and, if necessary, to the judge. You are a person with Constitutional rights, and I know that, even if your probation officer may have forgotten.

As a former Assistant District Attorney for the State of Texas, I have dealt with countless probation cases and probation officers. I know what they are really interested in, and often it is simply your money, not your liberty. Call my office today for a free appointment. I can help you fight back!

Not an Automatic Prison Sentence

Many clients worry that when a motion to revoke has been filed, they are going down for the max. My experience has shown that to almost invariably not be the case. I know the right arguments to make to the DA, your probation officer, and to your judge. Many times keeping you out of jail or prison is simply a matter of getting caught up on any penalties ordered against you.

These could include:

  • Paying your fees
  • Paying your fines
  • Attending court-mandated classes
  • Participating in community service
  • Serving the terms of an extended probation

Each case is unique, but know that if there is a way to keep you from being revoked, I am prepared to figure out bring you a favorable result, and fight for that relentlessly.

Early Termination

In certain cases, you may be eligible to have your probation, community supervision, or deferred adjudication terminated after only one-third the length of probation you originally signed for. My knowledge of the law and experience in criminal practice enable me to determine whether you are a likely candidate for early termination. If so, I will carefully craft the legal motions necessary to get you off probation or deferred adjudication and back to your life.

Let Me Fight for You!

Arrested? It does not mean you need to plead guilty. I offer free case evaluations to stand for my clients' rights. With experience as a former prosecutor, I am an Ellis County criminal defense attorney capable of handling your case.

Call me toll-free at (888) 318-3190 today!


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