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Ellis County Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney

My name is Emily Hindman. I grew up as the middle child in Oklahoma and northern Indiana in a close knit family. I graduated from Purdue University with a degree in psychology. With a strong drive to provide guidance and treatment to people in distress, I returned to Oklahoma to complete a Master’s degree in Community Counseling. I was chosen for an internship at a juvenile prison and helped develop the sex offender treatment program. I gained much valuable experience and realized my calling to impact the lives of young people. After graduating, I moved to Texas to be closer to my father and accepted a position in a juvenile prison providing treatment to severely mentally disturbed juvenile criminals for six years. I obtained my license as a professional counselor and with passion and a purpose, opened a private practice working primarily with children and teens, which I maintained while working full time. I then was approached with an opportunity to accept a position as the clinical director of a foster care agency. This allowed me a place to channel my passion of helping young disadvantaged people. During my position there, the agency experienced several traumatic events involving the foster children and I knew it was time for me to move on. I became a triage specialist in the emergency room at a busy psychiatric hospital in Dallas. This position required crisis intervention daily, which I had grown to love several years prior at the prison. God opened doors for me to be able to pursue my private practice on a full time basis, rather than part-time as it was, and I moved to develop my business further. I continued the business and following the death of my father, I felt a need for more challenge and direction in my life. I was not feeling fulfilled with just helping clients in my private counseling practice because I knew I had more passion and drive to serve people. I applied and was accepted to law school at Texas A&M University where I was involved with the Innocence Project and the Family Law Clinics. I completed law school in two and a half years and was accepted to the school’s mentorship program. I completed a mentorship with local attorney Julissa Martinez, who blessed me with superb support and guidance that has been invaluable. Because of her mentoring I was able to open a solo law practice where I accepted criminal, family, CPS and adoption cases. I was approached by Robin McCarty with the opportunity to join him at his practice with Bria Larson, as an associate attorney. I am eager to expand my legal skills and knowledge and to further harness my passion of helping serve people in their time of need.

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