Arrested for a DWI in Ellis County?


If you have been arrested for a DWI in the Ellis County area, you must seek legal counsel from a skilled and experienced Ellis County DWI lawyer immediately. Upon your arrest for DWI or DUI, the state of Texas will begin a case against you. Typically, the state will first initiate an immediate hold or suspension of your driver’s license.

You have only 15 days to request a hearing to challenge the suspension of your driver’s license.

Failing to request your Administrative License Revocation (ALR) could result in immediate license suspension and lasting consequences on your permanent record.


Chapter 49 of the penal code defines intoxication as lacking the use of your mental or physical faculties as normal due to the intake of drugs and/or alcohol. Though there are a number of ways that a law enforcement officer may attempt to determine if you have imbibed either substance, the mishandling of these tests are common. I may be able to help determine if your rights have been infringed upon.

As a former police officer and state prosecutor, I am well aware of the common strategies that law enforcement officials and prosecuting attorneys use to try and penalize you to the maximum extent. Prosecutors may have seemingly endless access to government resources, but I know how to challenge, dismantle, and question a case from various angles all while creating an impenetrable rebuttal for your defense.

I am particularly adept at dissecting the opposition’s case, and can use the following defense strategies to help you secure a favorable outcome:

  • Determine if a violation of search and seizure resulted in an erroneous arrest
  • Determine if your rights were violated during a sobriety checkpoint
  • Poke holes in a witness testimony through relentless cross-examination
  • Seek alternative convictions, such as reckless driving or obstruction of highway
  • Seek case dismissal by filing a motion to suppress illegitimate evidence

I know what goes into a DWI investigation, but more importantly, I know how to deconstruct the case against you and use evidence as leverage against the prosecution to put your case in a favorable position. I’m not afraid to level the balance of justice so that your side of the story is heard loud and clear in a court of law. Let me help you obtain the resolution you seek.


Because I have been on the opposite side of the fence, I bring an incredible amount of insight to the table. If you would like to learn more about your rights and legal options, I would be happy to speak with you confidentially. I am always available and accessible to my clients by providing flexible appointment hours and 24/7 contact information.

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