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Ellis County Father’s Rights Lawyers

Establishing Your Parental Rights

Fatherhood comes with rights and responsibilities. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for unmarried fathers to assert their parental rights, especially when the mother is uncooperative. At McCarty-Larson, PLLC, we help fathers understand and establish their rights. The first step is to contact our office to speak with a father’s rights attorney in Ellis County.

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Father’s Rights

If the parents are not married, the unwed father does not enjoy the same automatic parental rights as the mother of the child. According to the law, the father can be defined in a few different ways. The father can be a man who is either presumed, legally determined to be the father, has acknowledged paternity, or been adjudicated to be the father by the court.

According to the Uniform Parentage Act, a man is presumed to be the father if he:

  • Is married to the mother and the child was born during the marriage
  • Is married to the mother and the child is born before the 301st day after the marriage is terminated
  • Is married to the mother before the birth of the child, even if the marriage could be declared invalid
  • Voluntarily asserted paternity in a record filed with the bureau of vital statistics or promised in a record to support the child
  • Resided in the household with the child during the first two years of life and represented to others that the child was his

Parents have specific rights and responsibilities, such as the right to spend time with the child and make decisions regarding the care and education of the child. In addition to these rights, parents have responsibilities, including supporting the child.

Establishing Your Rights

If you are an unmarried father and you want to establish your paternal rights, you should seek the advice of an experienced father’s rights lawyer in Ellis County. We can determine your status and recommend the best course of action for you to establish your parental rights and enjoy parenting time with your child.

We encourage you to contact our firm today at (972) 843-7456 to learn more about father’s rights.

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